Welcome to my cabin.
"I followed the trail of the deer and it led me into the forest across valleys and streams. There, alone with God and his creations, is where I found sanctuary." Silas Edwards, the Carolinas, 1773

Come on in, my cabin is always open for friends. We have fresh game and poultry to eat, along with some fresh vegetables that we grew ourselves. Glad you brought your rifle, you might need it out here in the wilderness. Never know when them savages might appear. Been having problems with the natives the last few weeks. Never know when a war party can be in the area. I never go anywhere without my trusty rifle. I keep myself fed and clothed by selling these hides I take during the winter. I deal with all sorts of buyers, so I have no quarrels with French, British, or Indian. Whoever has the silver is who I sell to.

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Minx & Tim's Camp: Makers of custom quillwork and wampum, also other period items
Longhunter's 18th Century Camp Site: A skilled 18th Century family making everything from guns to clothing
One Mocc's Buckskinner's Page: A good friend from West Virginia
The Ohio Company and thier Rangers: A great 18th century re-enactment group from PA
The Coalition of Historical Trekkers: A great group for experiencing life like our forefathers
National Muzzleloader Rifle Association: A group trying to preserve our blackpowder heritage
Muzzle Loader Mailing List: A good reference and question list for all front stuffers
Barking Rock Farm: Great people with great sterling trade silver and other period items
Keep On Trekking with Granny Lin: A nice web site with lots of great pictures for trekkers
Wennawoods Publishing: Great publishers and booksellers of 18th Century frontier history
Double Edge Forge: A fine 18th century blacksmith shop, making anything a colonial woodsman would need
Scruffy and Bigmedcine's Home Page: A great web page from my good friends in British Colombia, Canada
Primitive Artisans: A good supplier of wampum and beaded items.
Wishbone's Fire Pit: A good friend and good web site.
Trekking in the Wilderness: A good trekking web page.
The Historical Trek: A good trekker web page.
Smoke and Fire Web Page: A good monthly newspaper and event schedule list, plus a seller of good period correct wares.
Scott Allen's Longhunter's Basecamp: A good scout and a good representative for Fort Fredrick.
French and Indian War Magazine: A good online magazine for the F&I War.
Crooked Hand's Powder Horn Page: A great source for authentic powder horns and accessories.
Swamp Fox Knives : A great source for authentic knives .
The Kittanning Expedition :Hard work that my friend Lane Savage put into a 126 mile historical trek. Great Site!

Wild Billy

Penn's Colony

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